1.5% cash back
 on everything.

1.5% back on Marketing & Growth.

1.5% back on Cloud Services & Infrastructure.

1.5% back on SaaS & Software.

1.5% back on your Office Supplies.

1.5% back on your Travel & Meals.

Your company is already paying for these services. Use your Rise cards at any of the millions of retailers that accept Mastercard all over the world and online and start enjoying your Rise Savings™.

Start saving with Rise

Stop leaving profits on the table with Rise Savings™.

Rise is the only corporate card built from the ground up to save your company money. Unlike other cards that incentivize your people to spend more money to rack up points, Rise is focused on identifying the hundreds of ways a company over-spends and providing actionable insight on how to reduce costs and stop wasting money.

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Rise found over $250,000 in savings right out of the gate. That, plus Rise's 1.5% cash back on top, is far more valuable than any points program, and has been a gamechanger for our 400 person company.

Nick GreenfieldFounder, CEO. Candid Co.

$175,000 in exclusive partner rewards.

Frequently asked questions

Q.  What are Rise Savings Insights?

A.  Rise Savings Insights are personalized recommendations sent periodically to Admins to help lower your company’s spend. When any cardholder starts spending on their Rise cards, Rise will analyze the transactions and find ways to help improve your company’s financial health. Examples that have helped our customers save thousands of dollars include: finding redundant subscriptions, advising on better SaaS pricing options, canceling unused solutions and more. Rise will continuously enhance these insights to maximize your company’s savings.

Q.  How is the 1.5% cash back calculated?

A.  Rise guarantees 1.5% cash back on your business’s total spend. If your company has spent $100,000 with Rise, your company’s total cash back earned is $1,500. Rise’s calculation is that simple, no tricks or conditions. Your company’s earned cash back will accumulate each month as a balance until your company’s Admin decides to redeem the cash back. Earned cash back and redeemed cash back amounts can be viewed in every statement.

Q. How does Rise’s rewards program work?

A. Rise has exclusive partner rewards with leading vendors and companies to help your company get more out of the products and software that help run your business. You can access specific information and redemption instructions for all rewards directly from your savings dashboard or by contacting sales@risecard.co

Q. How can I use my cash back?

A. Cash back can be redeemed on your company Admin’s Rise dashboard. Admins and Bookkeepers are able to view your company’s earned cash back and redeemed cash back amounts in every statement.

Take back control of your company's expenses.