The Corporate Card Built for Savings

Built from the ground up to save your company money: issue unlimited cards and eliminate overspend with our advanced savings reports and 1.5% cash back on everything.

Cards built for savings, not “points”.

1.5% cash back

We guarantee 1.5% money back on all your spending. No exceptions, no points, just cash.

10-20x higher limits

Our proprietary underwriting process gets you credit limits 10-20x higher than any competing card.

No founder liability

The only corporate card that doesn't require personal guarantees, credit scores, or security deposits from founders.

Fraud Prevention

Powered by Mastercard, with built-in fraud protection.

Here’s what we believe

  • Reducing burn starts with understanding where money is going.

    Provide advanced tracking and insight tools for founders and finance teams that save everyone time and effort.
  • A dollar saved is 100x better than points.

    Focus on reducing burn instead of rewarding wasteful spend. Keep your money in the bank and use it to grow.

$175,000 in exclusive partner rewards.

Take back control of your company's expenses.